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Hello, everybody.
It's definitely been awhile since our last update. Unfortunately, things have become busy on my end and I have found it difficult to access deviantART lately, especially since I do not have access to a computer anymore. As I have noticed (and some of you may have noticed as well), some submitted artwork is not being accepted into the group.
With that said, I am looking to add some contributors to this group. If you would be willing to become a contributor here so that you can help accept art and answer any questions people may have, please let me know.

Thank you for reading!
Hello everybody.
I would like to apologize for the inactivity of this group as of late. I'm having trouble keeping up with all of the deviations that are being submitted, so I all all of the co-founders for some extra help on that. Life has been extremely bust on my end as of late and I have not had access to a computer of any sort. If your artwork has expired, please resubmit it and I will try to be more up to date on accepting it into the group's gallery.
On another note, any ideas for a contest? I feel as if we need to do something to get this group more active. The only problem is prizes for the contest-
Please let me know on what all of you think. Thank you.

Welcome to MythicalCreatureLair! As you can probably see, this is a group for mythical creatures of all kinds. Here are some rules to get you started:

:bulletpurple: To join, all you have to do is hit the "Join Our Group" button at the top of the page.
:bulletpurple: You do not need to have an interest in mythical beings. Though, if you join, we're going to assume that you do have an interest in them. c:
:bulletpurple: If you join, it's not required to have a deviation in the gallery. You may join and not submit anything.

:bulletpurple: Only two submissions per person per day. I feel that if it were more, then it would be over whelming.
:bulletpurple: Please put your deviations in the right folders. It's really a hassle if we have to continually move them.
:bulletpurple: No art is "bad" or "not good enough" in this group. Just because your submission is not in the Featured folder, doesn't mean that it's "not good enough" to be in the group. The Featured folder is only for deviations that we feel represent the group well.
:bulletpurple: Video game artwork is also accepted, as long as it's mythical.
:bulletpurple: OCs are accepted as long as they're mythical. For example, no horses that just look like normal, everyday horses. If they have wings yet look like your average horse (excluding the wings), that's fine because normal horses do not have wings.
:bulletpurple: Blood, gore, ect. is accepted. Just because it's "gruesome" doesn't mean it's not artwork.
:bulletpurple: All types of artwork are excepted, whether it's traditional, digital, sculptures, photo manipulations, ect.

:bulletpurple: Please, no bad mouthing others.
:bulletpurple: Referring to the first bullet in this heading, only nice comments.
:bulletpurple: Constructive comments are okay, too, as long as they're not put in a negative way.
:bulletpurple: All of the above goes for comments on the group page, group journals, ect.
:bulletpurple: If you have an issue/problem with the group, please contact us through note. If you accidentally leave your issue/problem on the group's front page, no worries. We'll give you a friendly reminder. c:
:bulletpurple: If you have a suggestion to make the group better, feel free to leave a comment or send a note to the group.

:bulletpurple: RPers are welcome. RP journals/submissions are also accepted, just make sure that they have something to do with mythology.
:bulletpurple: Affiliates are always welcome. Don't be afraid to send a request.
:bulletpurple: If you have any questions and/or issues with the group, feel free to contact the founder or one of the co-founders. We don't bite. c:

That should be it. If there's something that needs adjusting, I will add it to the list. Please follow these rules; they shouldn't be too terribly hard to follow. We're not too terribly strict, either.
Thanks for reading.

I have been trying to tidy up the group (and I hope it's working). I have just recently went through the "Featured" folder and cleared a handful of things out of it. If your piece of artwork was removed, please do not feel bad or as if you are look down upon by others or if your artwork was just not good enough for this group. We encourage you to continue drawing. The reason why I cleared so many things out of the "Featured" folder is that I think most of the stuff in there did not represent the group. I have cleared out what I think I should have so that many of the pictures in there are what can represent the group.
From now on, nobody can just submit something to that folder and it will be automatically accepted. I, GameDweeber, and the co-founders will only accept what we think represents the group in the "Featured" folder.

Thank you for reading.

Your founder, GameDweeber.

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